58 mass shootings in
93 days,
He asked me last week
while I lay naked against
the cradle of his spine
what about capitalism I thought
didn’t work, I said
nothing we are doing right now is
working and
I asked you to come here
because I can’t
the future, it’s why I
took my clothes off

Yesterday I saw a photograph
of a pile of bones leftover from
the Holocaust
with a caption using our dead
as fodder
for some pro-gun rhetoric
Meanwhile my Jewish friends are about to
celebrate the Passover
and no one even admits
my people were ever there

And I don’t really care about guns
much as I care about the way
a trigger-happy man will.
use anything to get what he wants

This one says
the Holocaust was our fault
‘Cause we didn’t have enough guns
And it’s funny, the way I can’t tell the difference in the photo,
whose bones are whose,
How Jewish bones and Romni bones look like bones
in a pile
in a picture
And this guy, he points to our
dearly departed, he says
They didn’t have enough guns

Apocalypse carnival mistress, essayist, and animated story maker. orderoflostthings.com

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